A Day Out in Lewes


Transferring from a 4 bed dirty house to a immaculately clean 2 bed flat has been a long drawn out process. We’ve now been in our little nest of a flat for over a week. Although it now definitely feels like home, it’s full of suitcases and things we don’t want. It still feels cluttered and a bit stuffy. This has meant getting out of the flat every day has been a definite necessity. Yesterday with the sky looking overcast, books in our bags and a rather grumpy boyfriend in tow I headed off for a day out in Lewes.

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Roman Holiday


I’ve always been slightly enchanted by old Hollywood films. The fashion, the old sensibility and the well spoken accents! I get a real sense of well being watching a film I know has inspired many others. There’s nothing I hate more than commenting on a modern film being ‘so original’ only for someone to point out the classic film it’s a complete carbon copy of. In short, I like to be in the know.

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