A Day Out in Lewes


Transferring from a 4 bed dirty house to a immaculately clean 2 bed flat has been a long drawn out process. We’ve now been in our little nest of a flat for over a week. Although it now definitely feels like home, it’s full of suitcases and things we don’t want. It still feels cluttered and a bit stuffy. This has meant getting out of the flat every day has been a definite necessity. Yesterday with the sky looking overcast, books in our bags and a rather grumpy boyfriend in tow I headed off for a day out in Lewes.

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Roman Holiday


I’ve always been slightly enchanted by old Hollywood films. The fashion, the old sensibility and the well spoken accents! I get a real sense of well being watching a film I know has inspired many others. There’s nothing I hate more than commenting on a modern film being ‘so original’ only for someone to point out the classic film it’s a complete carbon copy of. In short, I like to be in the know.

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Comfort Days.


The past week has been rather busy and stressful. Moving all our stuff from our student accommodation into storage was just as much of a task as I expected. After an exhausting day of cleaning my boyfriend and I journeyed up to Wolverhampton, his home town. A busy few days in Wolves has left me embarrassingly tired and now I am home alone once again in London.

This calls for a comfort day.

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My goals for the coming University Year



Across my years of schooling it has become very apparent that I have an issue with keeping motivated. This is usually the result of losing sight of goals, and things I set out to achieve at the beginning of the year. Winter tiredness and sadness creep in and by assessment time my desire to work has greatly depleted. So in this blog post I thought I would write down a few things I want to achieve, mostly for my benefit, but hopefully you can get a bit inspired too!

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