Little Pieces.

I found a star from your mother’s card

beneath the sofa cushions and wondered

what other little pieces of ourselves

we would leave behind.


The garden where we hung

the tattered laundry and marveled

at the weeds that were really flowers.

The bed that sank into you

forcing horizontal living.


Change is such a dirty word,

but it feels okay with you,

moving to a place where

toes can hug carpet and

we can look out at our city

from above.

My Love/Hate Relationship With Autumn


Recently, whenever I browse blog posts or youtube I’m assaulted with images of autumn; it’s beauty, it’s potential for gorgeous knitted memories and the intense nostalgia that can be connected to it.

I too have a warm feeling in my stomach as I watch the trees turn golden. I’m in my element when the weather turns colder. As an avid tea drinker and someone who loves being in bed, autumn and winter suddenly makes this feel acceptable rather than lazy (it’s still lazy). My body is also expertly built for colder weather. My little protruding belly can neatly be hidden under gorgeous jumpers, making me feel far less like a slug.

But this beautiful season can have its drawbacks.

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