Spiders Hate Laziness.

the tiny spiders in this house monitor my every move

they think I shouldn’t wear so much make up

and that I need to stop putting myself down

they’ve held a council on those shorts I’m

not sure about and

they think I need to read more philosophy

one day they think I could be something

but for now they build their little webs to

support me

and occasionally they climb

across my feet to remind me to move them.



The condensation follows me around

dripping, constant dripping

waiting to be wiped away

in time for a return

in the morning.


These old house windows

rattle in their frames

and bring the wet

to soothe them

to soften them

they fall away beneath my nails.


This is where I am safest

the crumbling history

encased in walls that

long for my warmth,



A house that responds to my existence

as the mould begins to grow.

Summer Reading: 5 Mini Reviews

I haven’t set a particular target for this summer in terms of reading, other than a vague, ‘I’m going to read EVERYTHING’. So far you may have seen my reviews of The Luminaries and The GoldfinchIn a similar fashion, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the last few novels I’ve read since then. During university I have accumulated a lot of books that I have wanted to read, but have never found the time to get stuck into. These are the few I’ve read in my new found free time.

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