I stand in the courtyard of the

Italian flats, and you appear from

glass doors.


Fire is all around and

you seem to burn with it,

glasses reflecting the sparks,

the borders of you blurred

my eyes water to look at you.


The flats begin to fall inwards,

great melting structures,

too weary to go on standing

against reality


In the chaos I feel your

fingertips digging into my shoulders,

your voice urging me that I am real,

even if this world is not.


I try to make you stay,

but the fire crumbles the ground

and you disappeared with it,


Only the embers are left,

I stand at the edge of the earth and

fall awake.

Visiting the Sea.


One of the biggest advantages in moving to Brighton is the seaside. As a little girl I would visit every summer. The day would start with a unfocused meander through the busy lanes and streets, searching for ‘something different’ and finding that everything was pretty much the same as my hometown. After an unsuccessful shop, we would usually head to the beach, and that was always the best part of the day.

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On Possession.

As I’ve mentioned in a few blog posts, I’ve been trying to write more freely recently, on any topic that comes to mind. Here is a little something I wrote about my old teenage room. I hope you enjoy!

Looking through my teenage possessions used to make me feel a bit sick. Perhaps because I still was one, but desperately wanted to be older. Now it’s all just stuff I used to love, stuff that’s gathering dust. Just stuff. I find myself wishing for more and more stuff, but in 5 years time it will all just be stuff I need to throw away, so what’s the point? At least the candles burn away and the creams become layers on my skin, but what of the ornaments? The trinkets? The sentimental stuff? What about the books?

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Grey Impressions.

First, I watch the grey at the side of his beard

as it creeps along, swallowing what

remains of the blonde,

eating away at the curls,

burrowing into the lines around his mouth,

but not reaching the blue eyes


Meanwhile, you wear your new shoes

in the house so I can hear your footsteps

all around me. The grey outside hasn’t

made it’s way in yet. It mumbles

in the dim light.


Later, I wake on my birthday

to see the sky caving in,

parts of it scattered on the floor.

You continue sleeping as I roam

about the house, looking for

things I can never find.


The grey begins to touches my toes,

it creeps, it continues to creep.

Two Weeks in Pictures: 12th – 26th January

Processed with Moldiv

My last term of university is now in full swing, complete with sickening essay results and dissertation stress. I’ve been in a little rut of grumpiness since term started. It’s been hard to find the motivation to keep working on after working so hard over Christmas, but I’m managing it in fits and starts. To keep you updated on my various goings on here is a little Instagram round up across a few weeks (I’m remusandromulus on Instagram if you fancy following)!

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